Mahabaleshwar is a very popular tourist place in Maharashtra.Its ranks first on the list of  top 5 hill stations in Maharashtra.Mahabaleshwar is  situated on the Western Ghats range in Maharashtra.

This pretty hill station is often referred as the queen of hill stations in Maharashtra.It offers a panoramic view  and beautiful scenic view to the  tourists.The veena lake in Mahabaleshwar is a famous for boating and horse riding is also done here beside the lake.

It is very famous among the travellers as it can be easily reached through Pune and Mumbai as well.It is one of the most famous and well known visited hill station in Maharashtra where there are many resorts and hotels to stay in Mahabaleshwar.


  • Nearest Airport Is New Pune Airport, Which is approx102km
  • Nearest Railway Station Is Satara Railway Station. from there  You Hire A Taxi  Which Takes Around An Hour to Reach the hill Station.
  • It takes around 5 hours to reach the destination from Mumbai.And From Pune It Takes 3 Hour 30 Min were as You Can Book A Government Buses, And Cabs.

1. Connaught Peak – A Popular Picnic Spot.

2. Table Land – Asia’s Second Highest Mountain Plateau.

3. Rajpuri Caves – A Popular Historical Site.

4. Arthur’s Seat – Queen of the Points.

5. Morarji Castle – The Colonial Vibes.

6. Bombay Point – The Best Sunset Point.

7. Lodwick Point – A Place With Stunning Views.

8. Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple – A Beautiful Shrine.

9. Elephant’s Head Point – The Famous Needle Point.

10. Mini Kashmir – A Hamlet For Special Sightseeing.

11. Parsi Point – A Place With Awe-Inspiring BeautyVenna Lake – The Most Visited Place.

12. Mapro Garden – The Delightful Strawberry Garden.

13. Lingamala Falls – The Majestic Falls.

14. Bhushan Mahamuni – A Must Visit Religious Place.

15. Babington Point – Nirvana For Nature Lovers.




4. PUNE.

5. WAI.

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