Matheran is also one of top 5 hill stations in Maharashtra. It is a beautiful hill station situated in Maharashtra. Where you can see the green forest and natural landscape throughout the year.  It is situated in Sahyadri mountain range. 

This is the lowest height hill station stands at about 800 meters. Also, one of the most popular hill stations in western ghats. Where people come from Maharashtra, Gujarat and other Indian states to see nature’s scenic landscapes.  

Matheran is also one of the popular weekend destinations for the people from Mumbai and pune .It also has many restaurants and resort  which makes the stay comfortable for the tourister.

There is also a toy train from Neral railway station which takes you to the hill station which is therefore one of the amazing attractions of Matheran as it  travels through the hills giving the best view of the sahyadri hills.

You can’t travel  or explore the whole matheran  by walking so you need to hire a horse ride to  get to all the points .



  • The nearest airport is chatrapati shivaji maharaj international airport (bom),mumbai which is approx. 88 kms via mumbai-banglore highway and approx 84 kms via neral badlapur highway. 
  • Pune airport(pnq) which is  approx. 120 kms from matheran.
  • The nearest railway station is  neral where most of the trains running from mumbai toward khopoli, karjat. 
  • If you are travelling from lonavala or pune the nearest station is karjat where most of the express trains stops at this station.
  • You can take a private cab or sharing cab from neral or karjat which will drop you to the parking point of the  hill station.
  • Matheran is  80km from mumbai city via chowk from mumbai-banglore highway. 
  • As well as it is also well connected with neral-badlapur highway which is apporx 84 kms from mumbai.
  • Where as it is  approx 120km from pune via chowk from old mumbai-pune highway.

1.  One Tree Hill-A scenic  one tree on the top of the mountain

2.  Eco point- Eco sensitive destination

3.  Monkey point-famous for different monkey species

4.  Louisa point-lookout point for  hikers and photographers 

5.  Panorama point-Panoramic view of mountains

6.  Hart point-A very relaxing atmosphere 

7.  Khandala point-A view of kandala from this point

8.  Shivaji’s ladder-the steps in shape of ladder

9.  Honeymoon point -A honeymoon destination from britishers

10. Sunset point- A beautiful sunset clear view in evening

11. Charlotte lake-beautiful lake on hill station with scenic view







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