Covid-19 Impact on THE tourism industry

Covid-19 impact on tourism industry

The Covid-19 impact on the tourism industry started way before in the month of November-December. Coronavirus arrived in china during the month of December and in the month of January it started spreading in China. So from the month of January many travellers avoided to visit China as china has many tourist attractions. After that till the mid of feb the virus started affecting the other international countries as well affecting the travels. People were afraid to Travel Middle East Countries, as well as European countries there after in the mid of the March.

India as well as the USA lockdown themselves avoided entries to International tourist. Due to this there has been a huge Impact on the Tourism industries. Many of the countries has lockdown themselves also informed the travelling industries not to visit any country. The whole tourism value chain across hotels, travel agents, tour operations, destinations, restaurants, family entertainment venues and air, land and sea transportation have been hit. Due to the corona-virus people are restricting them-self to stay safe also measures are taken by the government to keep people safe.

Further due to Indian government cancelling many visa’s of the foreigners, avoiding the visit to India also affected tourism Industry. With the travel industry it has also affected the hospitality industry such as restaurants, hotels as well as transportations. It has huge impact on the local people who use to directly earn from these touristers i.e the local guides. The local restaurant owners, the local cab services. “

The December holiday season of 2019 took an estimated hit of almost 40-50 per cent. The holiday season of April to July 2020 is likely to take a humongous hit which could be as high as 80-100 per cent. Unless there is positive news of the progression of virus decreasing,” the CII assessment report said. The holiday season of Indians — those travelling within the country and outside — is heavy in April-July, October and December. And even due to work from home many business tours and corporate visits have already been cancelled till the further update of the government. In future there is no prediction when everything in the world will resume. The fear this virus has been put into the people I’m sure people will avoid travelling until it completely vanishes from the world.


Yes covid-19 Impact on the tourism industry will make a huge loss to the tourism companies. So Even after the lockdown is over it will take more than 15 odd days or even a month to get it settle and run back to the track. So covid-19 is going to make a huge loss to the tourism industry as it is 100% shutdown.

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