Kanyakumari is a town located in the southern coast in the Indian State of Tamil nadu. Town is also said as the “lands end”. It is a beautiful town where the three oceans Bayof Bengal, Arabian sea and Indian ocean meet at the point. Beautiful thing is that you can observe the Water of 3 oceans as it does not mix with each other. The town is known for its beautiful Sunset and Sunrise and is also famous for the kanyakumari temple also known as bhagavathy Amman temple. This is the temple of Goddess Bhagavathi Amman   also known as Kumari Amman. Temple is one of the major hindu attractions in the Town. Beside this there is the iconic monument of Vivekananda Rock Memorial which is a gigantic structure surrounded all side by Sea. Beside this the town has some beautiful waterfalls and beaches. 

Earlier known as Cape Comorin is a town which got its name from the temple Of Devi Kanya Kumari which is the most famous temple in the town. According to history the kanya devi, an avatar of Goddess Parvati was suppose to marry Lord Shiva. The wedding did not take place as Lord Shiva himself turned up during this day. Rice grains and cereals which were suppose to be for the Marriage remained uncooked. Even today you can find stones of the shape of rice grains. It is also said that lord Hanuman dropped a piece of mountain having the life saving herb, Mrita Sanjivani. Which he was carrying from the himalayas to Lanka (Srilanka) During the Ramayana. During british raj kanyakumari was given the title of Cape Comorin. 

 It has one of the beautiful sunset points as Many people come here to watch the beauty. Triveni sangam point and the famous view tower are the two points from which you can view the beauty of nature which gives the view of three ocean meeting together. People also visit Vivekananda Rock Memorial which is a monument in the Sea is also a major tourist attraction for the people visiting the Town. It is one of the beautiful towns in the Southern part of Indian and it is once a lifetime visit destination for the tourists.


Best time to visit

Best time to visit the town is from the months of October to March. The climate here is pleasant and best to travel during this month as the winter season starts.

Many tourists from all over the World are attracted by this town.



The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport is approx 98 kms


Nearest railway station is Kanyakumari railway station Which is approx 2 kms.


Mumbai Via Kolhapur-Bangaluru Highway is approx 1665 kms.


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