Top 10 best Places To Visit Near Mumbai in Monsoon.

Monsoon or the rainy season is called the season of beauty as there is greenery everywhere in this season. Where in India the monsoon is from June to September. There are many best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon. Where people from Mumbai as well as nearby cities search and visit many places for an one day trip to enjoy with their family and friends near. There are many forts, hill stations, dams and waterfalls to visit for a one day trip.

Here are the Top 10 Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai In Monsoon


Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a one of the beautiful places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon. It is a bird Sanctuary as well as Karnala fort built by the great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This place makes a combination of nature as well as trekking experience in the monsoon, where you can enjoy the monsoon in Mumbai for one day with your friends and family. It is one of the nearest places from Mumbai for one day trekking in monsoon. You can see many birds spotted here in the forest of Karnala.


  • Mumbai  ← 36 kms →  Panvel ← 13 kms → Karnala bird Sanctuary (Via old Goa highway).

You can reach Karnala Bird Sanctuary by your private vehicle via Palaspe phata Panvel, toward old Goa highway. Or you can take a State government transport going to Pen or Alibaug, which will drop you near the gate of the Karnala bird Sanctuary.

  • Mumbai (harbor line) →  Panvel (by cab/auto) →  Karnala bird Sanctuary
  • Thane (trans-harbor line) →  Panvel (by private jeep/auto) →  Karnala bird Sanctuary

You can catch a train from Mumbai towards Panvel (harbour line) and thereafter, from Panvel highway you can catch a shared auto/jeep (tum-tum). Which will drop you at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary entry gate. Thereafter you need to start your Karnala trek which takes approx an hour to reach the fort.

  1. Gadeshwar dam.
  2. Dehrang dam.
  3. Morbe dam.
  4. Kalavantin durg.
  5. Prabal gad.
  6. ALIBAG.
  10. ND’s FILM WORLD.

Matheran is a hill station, near Mumbai, in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. It’s known for its mild climate and well-preserved colonial architecture. Motor vehicles are banned and many visitors arrive by narrow-gauge railway on the 1907 Neral to Matheran Toy Train. The Panorama Point lookout offers views across the mountains of the Western Ghats. Louisa Point has views of waterfalls and the ancient Prabal Fort. It is one of the nearest hill stations to visit near Mumbai. One can just visit this hill station in a one day trip but to Explore all points of Matheran. You need to stay here and make it a two day trip. It is located in Raigad district near Panvel. If you want to stay at Matheran there are many hotels as well as MTDC Matheran Resort (READ MORE)


  • Mumbai ← 36 kms → Panvel ← 24 kms → Chowk ← 24 kms →  Matheran.
  • Mumbai ← 43 kms → Kalyan ← 43 kms → Matheran.
  • Mumbai ← 30 kms → Shilphata ← 23 → badlapur ← 28kms → Matheran.


  • Pune ← 30 kms → Lonavala ← 33 kms → Chowk (take right turn) ← 24kms → Matheran.


The closest railhead to Matheran is Neral or Karjat. You can get on the Deccan Express from Mumbai or the Sahyadri Express from Pune, both run every day and halt at Karjat junction. 


  • Pune (Express  train) → Karjat Junction (Central line Local train) → Neral (by private jeep/auto) → Matheran hill Station.

Many local trains on the Mumbai-Karjat route also stop at Neral From Neral you will have to go to Matheran by road, which is a 30-minute journey.

After reaching Neral you can get a local cab, which will drop you at the hill station entry gate as well as you can also catch a toy train (closed in monsoon) from Neral.

  2. ECO POINT .
  5. PEB FORT.


Marine drive is a 3.6 km arc shaped drive road located just beside the arabain sea in south Mumbai near to the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai. This is the major monsoon destination for the Mumbaikar where most of the people come here to enjoy the high tides during the monsoon. It is one of the top most places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon. Marine drive at night looks  like a queen’s necklace watched from the top of the Malabar hill in the night due to its lightning around the Marin drive. It starts from the Nariman point and ends at Girgaum Chowpatty, popularly known as Chowpatty beach. This is one of the most visited monsoon destinations in Mumbai.


  • Navi-Mumbai ← 18 kms → Chembur ← 17 kms → CSMT ← 2.6 kms → Marine Drive. 
  • Pune ← 127 kms → Navi-Mumbai ← 31 kms → CSMT ← 2.6 kms → Marine Drive. 
  • Nashik ← 144 kms → Thane ← 38 kms → CSMT ← 2.6 kms → Marine Drive.
  • PUNE → Thane → Marine-lines. 
  • Nashik → Thane → Marine-lines. 


After reaching the marine lines station on the Western line you just need to walk for 5 mins to reach the Marine drive.


  • PUNE → Thane → CSMT.
  • Nashik → Thane → CSMT.


After reaching the CSMT Station on the Central line you need to take a private taxi or bus which will drop you at Marine Drive.


  1. Gateway of India.
  2. Taj Hotel.
  3. Bhaucha Dhakka.
  4. Jehangir Art Gallery.
  5. Mahalaxmi temple.
  6. Siddhivinayak Temple.
  7. Fish Aquarium.
  8. Bandstand.
  9. Worli sea face.
  10. Haji Ali DARGAH.
  11. Nehru planetarium.
  12. Nehru World science centre.

Lonavala is a hill station surrounded by green valleys in western India near Mumbai. Lonavala Khandala are two twin hill stations situated beside each other. The Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves are ancient Buddhist shrines carved out of the rock. They feature massive pillars and intricate relief sculptures. South of the Bhaja Caves sits the imposing Lohagad Fort, with its 4 gates. West of here is Bhushi Dam, where water overflows onto a set of steps during the rainy season. This is one of the most visited Tourist attraction and one of the popular places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon (READ MORE)

  • Mumbai ← 36 kms → Panvel ← 50 kms → Lonavala.
  • Pune ← 65 kms → Lonavala.


  • Mumbai (trains going towards Lonavala or Pune) → Lonavala (by private jeep/auto). 

Lonavala is well-connected by train. Local trains run from Pune at 2 hour intervals. Those originating from Mumbai along the central line have Khopoli as their last station. 

Buses are available at regular intervals to complete the remaining 15 km of the journey to Lonavala from Khopoli bus station. It takes 2.5 hours by train from Mumbai and 1to 1.5 hour from Pune. All trains, travelling between Mumbai and Pune, halt at Lonavala.


Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range on the Thane-Ahmednagar Road of Maharashtra, India. The site is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats near Mumbai. Anyone who wants to feel the clouds and touch them can visit Malshej ghat. It is one of the beautiful hill stations and one of the popular places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon.The climate here in monsoon is foggy and there are many attractive waterfalls on malshej ghat 


  • Mumbai ← 19 kms → Thane ← 21 kms → Kalyan ← 85 kms → Malshej Ghat.
  • Pune  ← 33 kms → Chakan ← 44 kms → Narayangaon ← 43 kms → Malshej Ghat.



Lohagad Fort is a hill fort of Maharashtra state in India. Situated close to the hill station Lonavala and 52 km northwest of Pune, Lohagad rises to an elevation of 1,033 m above sea level. The fort is connected to the neighboring Visapur Fort by a small range. Lohagad Fort also has caves on its south side facing lohagad wadi. The Jain cave is near the Lohagad Fort. You can have a great view of Pawna Lake which is close to the fort. In monsoon people visit the fort to get a view of Pawna Lake which is surrounded all over by greenery. Top of the fort is covered with clouds and greenery in the monsoon (READ MORE)

  • Mumbai ← 36 kms → Panvel ← 50 kms → Lonavala ← 15 kms → Lohagad.

  • Pune  ← 46 kms → Kamshet ← 17 kms → Lohagad.

After reaching Lohagad you have to park the vehicle in the parking and need to climb the lohagad trek which takes you approx. half hour to reach the fort.
  • Mumbai → Karjat → Lonavala (Express Trains running towards Pune).

The nearest major train station is Lonavala on the Mumbai-Pune railway line. You can take a local cab from Lonavala towards Lohagad fort .

  • Pune →  Malavali (local train running towards Lonavala).

The nearest train station is Malavali, which can be accessed by suburban trains between Lonavala and Pune.



Bhivpuri is a town in Karjat Taluka near Mumbai. It is the location of bhivpuri Road railway station of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. A temple of Sai Baba of Shirdi is located here. Numerous nearby waterfalls attract visitors on weekends. Bhivpuri Dam and a hydro-electricity generation plant of Tata Power is located nearby. It is one of the best waterfalls to visit in Mumbai for a one day trip. The Mountains near the waterfall are fully covered with grass during monsoon. It is one of the most visited waterfalls and tourist attractions for the people from Mumbai as many come to enjoy here on weekends with their friends and family.


  • Mumbai ← 36 kms → Panvel ← 24 kms → Chowk ← 10 kms → Bhivpuri waterfall.
  • Mumbai ← 30 kms → Shilphata ← 23 kms → Badlapur ← 36 kms → Bhivpuri waterfall.


  • Mumbai (Central line) → Bhivpuri (by private jeep/auto) → Bhivpuri falls.
  • Mumbai (Central line) → Karjat (by private jeep/auto) → Bhivpuri falls (If you are travelling by Express Railway).

Get into a Karjat bound local train on the central line From Mumbai Get down at Bhivpuri Station or Karjat station and move to the auto stand in the east. You can easily get an auto from there for Bhivpuri Waterfall.


  10. DHAK FORT.


Pawna lake is a Beautiful place situated Between Lonavala and Pune. It is the lake surrounded by the mountains. the lake is connected to the Pawna dam which looks very wonderful in monsoon as everywhere there is greenery in Monsoon. the activity which you can look forward to enjoy beside the lake is  Pawna Lake camping as well as there are many more activities like  paragliding, sightseeing etc. The place is known for its wonderful climate and offers a scenic retreat away from the noise of usual city life. This is a major attraction for the people from Mumbai as well as Pune around 4k to 5k people visit this destination every weekend.


  • Mumbai ← 36 kms → Panvel ← 50 kms → Lonavala ← 33 kms → Pawna lake.
  • Pune  ← 46 kms → Kamshet ← 16 kms → Pawna Lake.


  • Mumbai (by express train) → Lonavala (by private jeep) → Pawna lake.

Once you reach Lonavala, then you need to hire a private jeep from there. Find jeeps outside Lonavala station. Which will drop you to Pawna lake which is approx. 20 kms from Lonavala station.


  6. WET N JOY.


Kalavantin Durg, was constructed in honour of Queen Kalavantin. Offering gorgeous views and abundant beauty – via rugged terrain with narrow rock-cut steps, steep slopes and no support whatsoever – the trek to and from the fortress is dangerous yet thrilling. Kalavantin Fort is famed as the ‘Climb to Heaven’, owing to its dangerous nature and the bird’s eye view of the immense beauty that awaits a top. It is situated in the Raigad district near Panvel.


  • Mumbai ← 22 kms → Navi-Mumbai ← 14 kms → Panvel ← 20 kms → Kalavantin durg trek. 
  • Pune ← 66 kms → Lonavala ← 47 kms → shedung (then turn right) ← 18 kms → Kalavantin durg trek.

These are the two routes through which you can reach the Kalavantin Durg Via old Mumbai-Pune highway.


  • Mumbai (by harbour line) → Panvel (by private jeep) → Kalavantin durg.
  • Thane  (by Trans-harbour line) → Panvel (by private jeep) → Kalavantin durg.
  • Pune  (by Express train ) → Panvel (by private jeep) → Kalavantin durg.

Once you reach Panvel Station you need to take a private jeep or auto which will drop you near the Kalavantin Durg trek.

  • Pune  (by Express train ) → Karjat (by private jeep) → Kalavantin durg.

Once you reach Karjat Station you need to take a private jeep or auto which will drop you near the Kalavantin Durg trek.

  1. Prabalgad fort.
  2. Dehrang Dam.
  3. Morbe Dam.
  4. Irshalgad Fort.
  5. Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  6. ND’s Film World.
  7. Matheran.
  8. Dhodani Waterfall.
  9. Zenith Waterfall.
  10. Pandavkada Waterfall.

Igatpuri hill station is one of the beautiful hill stations which falls under the top 5 hill stations in Maharashtra. which is situated on the western ghats in Nashik district of Maharashtra. It is famous for Igatpuri meditation center also known as Visapanna international academy of meditation, where the ancient meditation techniques are taught. 

There are many villas and resorts situated in Igatpuri as per the tourist comfort. The best time to visit is between June to December. From June to September you can enjoy the monsoon with many waterfalls and scenic views with foggy weather. Igatpuri Weather from October to January is the most pleasant climate to visit for family and friends (READ MORE)


  • Mumbai ← 25 kms → Thane ← 83 kms → Kasara ← 20 kms → Igatpuri.
  • Pune ← 77 kms → Narayangaon ← 114 kms → Kasara  ← 20 kms → Igatpuri.
  • Mumbai → Kalyan → Igatpuri.

  • Thane → Kalyan → Igatpuri.

  • Pune → Kalyan → Igatpuri.

  1. Nashik.
  2. Someshwar Waterfall.
  3. Bhandardara Dam.
  4. Camel Valley.
  5. Umbrella Falls.
  6. Randha Falls.
  7. Bhatsa River Valley.
  8. Vipassana Centre.
  9. Kalsubai Peak.
  10. Sandhan Valley.

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