Gulmarg is a hill station located in the Baramulla district in the one of the beautiful union territories of Jammu and kashmir. This hill Station is one of the popular hill stations for honeymoon. The hill Station is at the height of 2730m. This is also one of the popular destinations for winter sports activities like Skiing and Mountaineering.  There is a Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering (IISM) Located where Students from all over visit and study here. This destination being famous for Skiing and mountaineering many local tour operators provide similar private courses offered by IISM.

The hill station was originally called as “Guri Marg ” which was taken from the name of  Goddess Gauri Devi. But later  it was renamed as Gulmarg Which means “Meadow of Flowers” by Sultan Yusuf Shah of Chak Dastany.Sultan once visited here with his Queen Habba Khatoon in the 16th Century. Mughal Emperor Jahangir collected wild flowers of 21 different varieties for his garden in Gulmarg Kashmir.

In the 19th Century this hill station was used by british as to escape summers of North India.As the hobby of britisher where hunting and golfing they constructed 3 golf courses here to spend their time. The Golf course constructed here is  at the altitude of  approx 2700m  and is the World’s Highest Golf Course. Later after independence the Government of India Developed this Place for Winter sports activities and also Built an indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering.This hill station is one of the top beautiful hill stations in India. The charming beautiful Gulmarg India is one of the popular destinations for honeymoon. This destination has been less crowded compared to Shima and Manali is the best part to Visit this Destinatio


Best time to visit

Best time To Visit this hill Station is between the months of October to May. Many tourist from all over the world visit this hill Station everyyear.

This hill station can be enjoyed in both winters and summers.In winters one can enjoy the snowfall and winter sports activities where In summers the Valley turn more beautiful as you can see varieties of Flowers here in the spring season.



The nearest airport is Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport is approx 57 kms.


Pattan, Jammu and Kashmir railway station is just 39 kms .


Mumbai is approximately 2222 kms Via Punjab national highway.