Kaas Plateau ("Kaas pathar")

kaas plateau walk way

Kaas Plateau also known as “Kaas Pathar” is a Forest Reserved land located near the city of Satara district. And is located under the Sahyadris sub cluster of the western ghat. The Land is Also known as the Land of Flowers as one can find Variety of Flowers growing here. Also Called as ‘Kas Pathar’, ‘Kaas Plateau’ and ‘Plateau Of Flowers’. UNESCO recognized Kaas Plateau as a world natural heritage site. More than 850 flowering species are present in Kaas Plateau. 

Only 3000 tourist visitors can reach this place in a day. The best month to visit this place is in the spring season which is between the months of October to November Just After the Rainy Season. Many tourists from all over the world visit this destination to enjoy the beautiful and scenic view of this Plateau during the season.

kaas Plateau Scenic View

India’s one of the highest waterfalls, Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall is near Kaas Plateau. Also Bhambavli Flower Plateau is world largest flower plateau is only 3 kms away from kaas plateau. Many other places are nearby kaas plateau like Koyna Project, Kaas Lake, Sajjangad Fort, Kanher Dam.

Kaas Plateau is rich in its biodiscovery and is very important in botanical studies and research work. There are Many new species of flowers growing on this plateau which are not very known to the botanical science are being seen on this plateau.

kaas Plateau view

Kaas Plateau Entry Fees :

Only online booking is compulsory because this place is restricted to only 3000 people in a day. Saturday, Sunday and Government holiday Entry fee is 100rs per person if children are below 5 yrs No entry fees and on others day entry fee is 50 rs.

You park your vehicles in a parking area that is 1.5 km away from the place. A special bus is available here to reach the kaas plateau but 10 rs per person is charged.

Food and snacks stalls are available near the parking area.

kaas plateau road way

How To Reach Kaas Plateau : 

  • Mumbai –> Panvel –> Pune –> Satara –> Kaas

Mumbai to Kass Plateau distance is approx.  250 km. Which takes approx. 4 hours and 50 min to reach this place.

  • Pune –> Satara –> Kaas

Pune to  distance Kaas Plateau is approx. 135 kms. Which takes approx. 3 hour to reach this place.

  • Kolhapur –> Karad –> Shendre –> Kaas

Kolhapur to kaas Plateau distance is approx. 141 km. Which takes approx. 2 hours and 37 min to reach this place.

  • The Nearest Railway Station Is Satara Railway Station which is approx 30 kms.
  • Pune International Airport is nearest Airport Which is approx 145 km.

Nearest Places

  • Sajjangad 
  • Koyana Water Project
  • Koyana Bird Sanctuary
  • Lingmala Waterfall
  • Wai Ganpati Temple

Kaas Pathar Google Map

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